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“A rather special book—an extremely easy read and at the same time, really interesting. Absolutely loaded with information.”
Sir Stirling Moss

“Goodwood was my favourite circuit, there can never be too many books on the subject and this one is a little different.”
Roy Salvadori

“A fascinating book”
Lord March

“Pure nostalgia”
Willie Green



Chapter 1. Birth of a legend 1
Chapter 2. The good in Goodwood 7
Chapter 3. International flavour 23
Chapter 4. The ERA era 31
Chapter 5. Ambience 37
Chapter 6. The V16 years 45
Chapter 7. Vintage and celebrities 51
Chapter 8. They don’t make ‘em like that any more! 67
Chapter 9. 1956 75
Chapter 10. An interesting change 93
Chapter 11. Rear engines get in front 101
Chapter 12. The “TT” cometh 111
Chapter 13. The shape of things to come 119
Chapter 14. Another step back in time 123
Chapter 15. The end of an era 129
Postscript 133
Appendix: BARC Programme Pages 135
Index of Cars and Drivers 163
Index of Registration Numbers 173
Index of Race Meetings 175

Driver profiles

Reg Parnell 3
Peter Collins 11
Stirling Moss 17
Dr Giuseppe “Nino” Farina 21
John V. Bolster 30
F.R. “Bob” Gerard 33
“B. Bira” Prince Birabongse of Siam 35
Juan-Manuel Fangio 39
J.M. “Mike” Hawthorn 43
Jose Froilan “Pepito” Gonzalez 47
Roy Salvadori 57
Ken Wharton 97
C.A.S. “Tony” Brooks 109
Graham Hill 122
Jim Clark 128


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